Industry 4.0 provides the perfect opportunity to make full use of our data control and management systems.
Our 4.0 systems are modern, compatible with the most widely used data platforms and ensure machines can be used flexibly; they also ensure excellent usability of collected data.


  • Major plant modernisation thanks to integrated data collection and control systems
  • Production and consumption data can be shared with company management systems
  • Coordinated automation to plan production
  • Remote/tele-assistance systems
  • Productivity and plant problem analysis

Technical features

Our 4.0 systems provide:
  • Network-connected PLC systems for automation and worker/machine safety
  • A simple, user-friendly man-machine interface that can be used by workers in any situation (even when personal protection items need to be worn)
  • Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters via suitable data sensors
  • Adaptive-behaviour system control in the event of any process drift
  • Remote tele-assistance service (automatic or worker-supervised) allows modification of process parameters and updating of control software
  • PC/SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system allows control, monitoring and supervision of the machine via a connection network
  • Complete, exhaustive production and consumption databases made available to corporate network and to management software via Modnet or Database SQL protocols

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