The OXIEYE System allows constant monitoring and recording of the percentage of oxygen in the roller kiln combustion chamber. The data is displayed on the existing Supervisor.


  • Optimised combustion (thus avoiding operation with excessively high reduction parameters)
  • Energy savings
  • Improved manufacturing quality (especially with light coloured products or those sensitive to or influenced by changes in oxygen content)
The OXIEYE system is designed to be installed on all existing Sacmi Forni machines with EwS 600, EwS 114, EPCEBP Praktico Supervisors and Hercules.

Technical Features

Using O2 analysers, the OXIEYE system is installed along the pre-heat and firing zones. The analysers, in addition to a connection with the displays, are network-connected to the kiln control computer (integrated system) with selfregulating instruments. The O2 value is monitored, displayed and recorded in the field and on the existing Super visor like any other thermal adjustment/display zone. It can also be called up in the running, tr end and recorder sections.
For O2 monitoring zones it’s possible to establish a set point and minimum/maximum alarm thr esholds (% content) on the recipe. This allows comparison between detected value and set point to provide a visual cue for the operator.

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