The new RSGN/2 restores all types of cylindrical refractory rollers with flexibility, speed and precision. It performs the cleaning operation automatically, eliminating deposits of all kinds.
The restored rollers regain their original geometric characteristics, ensuring the proper flow of materials to the kiln.


  • Preserves rollers from damage by eliminating residual surface material
  • Restores all types of cylindrical refractory rollers with precision, speed and flexibility
  • Inverter-controlled automatic speed adjustment reduces the possibility of damage and breakage of the rollers
  • Clean-up operations are simplified and shortened

Technical features

The machine is equipped with an electronic device that simplifies and reduces cleaning times by automating the speed and progress of the roller. The roller can therefore progress to maximum rotation speed, which is reduced automatically only when necessary for processing requirements. With the new RSGN/2, the problem of the impact of the milling cutter with waste residues on the roller is thus eliminated, preserving it from damage and reducing the possibility of breakage.

Operating principle: the machine adjusts and cleans the rollers by means of a milling head with diamond tools controlled by a copy grinding system. The centring and positioning of the milling cutter is made possible by a system of sensors and photocells.

Technical features: the RSGN/2 is supplied, in its standard configuration, with a three-phase power cable and an earth cable ( power supply 380V / 50Hz) and comes complete with an electrical panel and push button controls. The machine can be configured and adjusted to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Working range: the RSGN/2 can grind rollers from Ø 31 to Ø 60. Length 1.5 m to 4 m.


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