The CE 50 T is a console-controlled electrically driven machine that allows the replacement of dies in a simple, fast and total safety way: it is particularly suitable for large and medium-large presses.
The CE 50 T car is the ideal solution for changing dies up to 600 kg in weight and with a maximum size of 2000x1300mm.


  • SIMPLICITY: A single operator is able to change dies and maxi-dies.
  • SPEED: It allows reducing downtime, and increases daily production.
  • TOTAL SAFETY: It will allow the dies to be loaded and unloaded safely and semi-automatically

The CE 50 T electric car is equipped with a mechanical device, which together with a coupling system, allows the easy replacement of the different types of dies by taking them and depositing them directly on euro pallets.

When removing the die from the press, the empty euro pallet is placed on the trolley, on the other side the new dies will be taken, depending on their size, from another euro pallets already placed on the machine or in storage areas.

The movement, whose speed is automatically adjusted according to the direction change, takes place by remote control. The driver is released from the vehicle and visibility is improved to allow the correct positioning of the trolley in correspondence with the fixed stops, already present on the CRS presses but to be installed on the other types of presses.

Once the set up is done, the car will be placed near the press floor to allow the electric lifting of the die that is hook by a dedicated electro-hydraulic device.

The press will then lift the die to deposit it on the empty euro pallet already positioned on the car.
The sequence can be repeated to complete the removal or replacement of multiple dies.

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