Vacuum transport system that preserves the spray-dried particulate integrity. Powered by a compressed air circuit, the system recovers powder spills from the feeding drawer bringing them back to the main hopper.


  • Significant reduction of the operator's workload
  • More time for higher added-value tasks
  • Total recovery of product spills at the feeding drawer
  • Greater cleanness of the working area under the feeding drawer

Technical Features

The P. BACK system for powders suction and recovery conveys the material from the recovery hopper to the upper feeding hopper, thus making it immediately available for the pressing cycle. This system is able to collect product from multiple sources and send it to a single destination.
It includes a pump, a discharge shutter and source valves all connected to an electrical control panel located at ground level complete with PLC control and touch screen for the setting  of pause / work times, hopper selection and working cycles.

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