Final cooling air retrieved for use as combustion air.
Air is filtered and sent to the combustion air fan before being heated further via an exchanger in the fast cooling zone, reaching a temperature of between 150°C and 250°C.


  • Immediate savings of up to 10%
  • Simple installation
  • Combustion air temperature up to 250°C

Technical features

Cooling air may have a temperature that ranges from 120°C in the case of cooling with a single chimney to 250°C in the case of dual cooling circuits. Air is drawn downstream from the fan and sent to a filter before being made available to the combustion air fan.
If the air temperature exceeds 150°C it is necessary to check that fan and burners are suitable for high temperature use.
If the kiln has only a single fan a new one can be inserted, thus separating the first high temperature extraction hoods from the main circuit and from the final low temperature ones.

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