Automatic blowing control system in Fast Cooling. Insertion of ceramic blowers in the roof and wall-mounted blowers beneath the roller bed allows correction of planarity differences between the middle of the kiln and the walls.


  • Automatic blowing control
  • Centre-to-wall temperature uniformity
  • Planarity control over cross-section
  • Parameters set via recipe

Technical Features

The system involves installation - in the fast cooling zone - of ceramic ducts on the roof and blower pipes beneath the roller bed. Roof blowing focuses on the central section of the channel to cool the surface of centrally positioned tiles. Side blowers are installed under the roller bed and have the purpose of cooling the undersides of tiles near the walls. The result is the evening out of temperature differences over the cross-section and correction of piece planarity differences from centre to sides. The project mainly concerns wide-mouth single-layer tile kilns. Both roof ducts and wall blowers are fed with air from the fast cooling circuit: both feature a modulating valve through which air flow can be regulated. Both valves are positioned according to the recipe, thus ensuring the system starts automatically only when really needed.

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