The installation consists of a powder dissolver that treats the powders recovered from the squaring line filter, to generate slip at the desired density value so that it can be reused immediately in the production process.


  • HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT: no need to manually collect the powders falling from squaring line filters with significant reduction in the dispersion of substances in the air.
  • SAFETY: thanks to the complete automation of the process, the powders recovered from the squaring line filters do not need to be manually transported by forklifts across the factory, often over long distances, increasing therefore safety for the operators.
  • PRODUCTION PROCESS OPTIMIZATION: automation improves and accelerates the production process, eliminating manual tasks and inconveniences related to the handling of the recovered product. Time usually spent on the handling of the recovered powders may be dedicated to other activities.
  • SAVINGS: the wet transfer of this type of waste allows covering great distances with limited investments compared to an automated transfer system for dry powders, considering the distance between the raw materials storage area and the squaring lines.
  • AFTER SALES ASSISTANCE: the device can be connected to SACMI Customer Service Center for Remote Assistance.

Technical Features

The dosage between water and powders is set using the dedicated keypad interface. The electrical panel is equipped with a PLC for the various adjustments of the pump motor, the ratio between water and powders and the automation of the system itself. The density is controlled by load cells installed on the system which, if suitably calibrated, continuously measure the weight of the mixture, with the advantage of having continuous density control without direct contact with the material. The system includes a dosing module for the dissolved powders.

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