The synthetic oil PRESS 1400 S borns from the collaboration between SACMI and Syneco. The PRESS 1400 S product was designed to be used on SACMI presses and to maintain its viscosimetric characteristics unchanged over a wide temperature range. With an extremely high level of protection from wear and corrosion, it guarantees a long life and an excellent stability over time.


  • Less machine stops
  • Increase of productivity
  • Reduction of passive costs


Syneco PRESS 1400 S is a synthetic lubricant for “heavy duty” use in any type of hydraulic system with high pressure and it is the result of a tough partnership between the ceramic technical dpt. of Sacmi and the chemical laboratory experts of Syneco.
Syneco PRESS 1400 S is high-performance & high-quality lubricant with approximately thirty years history with tens of thousands laboratory tests on samples from any ceramics presses enables us to provide our customers with a warranty of a huge amount of working hours which means even less machine stops for oil replacement and an increase of productivity and reduction of passive costs.
This warranty is not limited only to new plants (first filling), but it can also be extended on existing systems on which Syneco can make laboratory analysis in order to plan an eventual cleaning, with another specific lubricant, of the residuals (physical and chemical residues resulting from the use of other products) due to previous fills.
This warranty is valid with periodic free “SYNECO CHECK UP” analysis that SYNECO supply through SACMI Service.
We would point out that all these chemical analysis in Syneco laboratory are free of charge for the Sacmi’s customers.
Finally in order to have a customized evaluation according your specific machine, please contact directly our AfterSales Worldwide Service: it will be a pleasure for us to support you on all the necessary steps.

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