SACMI for enhanced process control and quality

A radio frequency-based instrument ensures continuous reading of tile moisture content.
This sensor can be installed at any point on the line and comes complete with a PC that displays moisture content readings. Warning thresholds can be set.
The system can be supplied with a thermogravimetric analyser for calibration purposes.


  • Real-time sensor data
  • Two warning threshold settings (pre-alarm and alarm)
  • Activation of warning light and beeper if thresholds exceeded
  • Line stoppage in the event a warning
  • Compressed air self-cleaning system
  • Process stabilization

Technical features

Measuring probe placed upstream from kiln load feed system. 
A small touch-screen PC is positioned alongside the probe for moisture content reading and control purposes. 
Moisture content probe electronics are located directly on board the machine near the touch-screen PC.

The detection system consists of:
  • Moisture content control sensor
  • A support to attach the sensor to the line
  • Display with stand or support
  • Industrial PC
  • Cooling fans
  • A base module with warning beeper/light
  • Measurement synchronism photocells (on passage of the material)
  • Clamps, leads and wiring accessories

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