The insertion of a new stabilisation zone in final drying modules ensures consistent outgoing material temperatures.
The temperature is set via the software and controlled automatically; this ensures that pieces exiting the dryer are at a suitable temperature for subsequent stages. In the event of a line stoppage the temperature is kept constant.


  • Automatic temperature control
  • Consistent outgoing piece temperature
  • Controlled temperature also in the of event line stoppages
  • Piece temperature suitable for digital decoration
  • Versatile module: can also be used as a drying module

Technical features

Digital decoration requires temperature control of pieces leaving the dryer.
Depending on the size of the plant, the stabilisation module can be obtained by modifying the existing dryer or inserting a new module.
Transforming a dryer module into a stabilisation module involves modifying the fume expulsion circuit with the introduction of an independent chimney and modification and motorization of the exhaust air valve (controlled by a thermocouple positioned on the recirculation duct).


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